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Introduction of Changda Construction Technology Co., Ltd.
(introduction to enterprise)

Changda Construction Technology Co., Ltd.-a modern building builder, a national high-tech enterprise, a modern production base for the national construction industry

  Changda Construction Technology Co., Ltd., located in Weifang, the beautiful city of kites, was jointly funded and established by Weifang Changda Construction Group and Shandong High-tech Investment Group Co., Ltd. Changda Construction Technology has a registered capital of 450 million yuan and an area of ​​461.5 acres. The total investment of the developed project is 1.615 billion yuan. It is mainly engaged in the deepening design of prefabricated building products, product research and development, parts manufacturing, logistics distribution, on-site assembly, etc. The work is a modern enterprise with high-tech level in the construction industry. The company supplies PC parts, semi-finished steel bars, lightweight wall panels, steel components, commercial concrete, machine-made sand, dry-mix (powder) mortar, thermal insulation materials and other building supporting materials. With the professional technical support provided by the company's high-tech R&D center, academician workstation, Class A design institute, BIM center and other departments, it can provide users with an integrated construction industry integrating design, manufacturing, transportation, assembly, overall decoration, and intelligent customization. Modern solutions.
  The modernization of the construction industry promoted by the company is guided by science and technology, with finished buildings as the final product, and the use of modern science and technology and industrial production methods to comprehensively transform the traditional and extensive construction industry, so that the planning, design and component production in the whole process of building construction , Construction and other links form a complete industrial chain, and gradually realize the industrialization, intensification and socialization of production methods, so as to meet the requirements of contemporary economic and social development. The company is committed to building a new technology application center in the construction industry such as the most powerful industrialized building product research and development, manufacturing, and project construction industrial base with new technology integration in Shandong Peninsula and even the Bohai Rim. Aiming at the development direction of construction industrialization, adhere to the innovative road of combining production, learning, and research.
  In the future, the company will further optimize the design of prefabricated products. Through technology research and development and product upgrades, the quality and performance of building products will be greatly improved, and the overall quality of the building will be improved; the building industry will be modernized, standardized, standardized and branded.

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