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Enjoy the leisure of picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence and seeing Nanshan leisurely. What is the life we yearn for. It is the free and easy of being free from concern, without fear, away from all inverted dreams. It can be nine-to-five, and it can travel the world wide. Open the road in the mountains, build bridges in the water, the freedom of life satisfaction.

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Elegant countryside,

Self-sufficient for three meals a day,

Entertain guests.

The pastoral scenery is beautiful,

There is no lack of modern exquisiteness.

Experience "return to pastoral life".

Leaving the busy and busy city,

Take you back to the country,

Stay away from the impetuousness of the city;

I want you to rely on your own work,

To meet the needs of the day,

Entertain friends from afar,

Let nature give you a good mood.

That little yard in the country,

The overwhelming spring is in the eye,

It simply satisfied all my imagination.

The sun is full and the flowers are scented,

All spring is rubbed into this early morning.

On the land around the courtyard,

Planted with corn and sunflowers,

Beans, peppers and other crops,

And colorful flowers.

And not far from the house,

It is the handsome mountain peaks and gurgling streams.

Back to the beautiful mountain village,

Choose a healthy and comfortable lifestyle,

Stay away from disputes and noise outside the world;

Slow down, feel with your heart,

The subtle beauty and moving around,

Let your heart calm down.

Making tea and brewing in your free time;

When busy, a few acres of thin fields,

Tasting fragrant tea, lying down and looking at the mountains;

Read the book, listen to Yumian.

Enjoy a bit of picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence,

See the leisure of Nanshan leisurely.

What is the life we ​​yearn for.

There is no concern, no fear,

Stay away from all the free and easy to reverse your dreams.

It can be from 9 to 5,

It can also travel the world wide.

Every mountain opens a road, meets water to build a bridge,

The freedom of life satisfaction.


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