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Light Steel Villa

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The light steel structure parts of light steel villas are manufactured with a high degree of factoryization and mechanization, and a high degree of commercialization. The construction speed of the site is fast, and it will not affect the nearby residents to facilitate civilized construction. Structural buildings are environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Light weight and good seismic performance. The comprehensive economic index is not higher than the reinforced concrete structure. Compared with brick-concrete houses, it can avoid the waste of resources caused by using soil to burn bricks. Because the wall thickness is smaller, it can increase the effective use area than brick-concrete structures; compared with reinforced concrete houses, light steel structure steel can be recycled in the future Use. Good seismic performance. Since the earthquake activity is left and right and up and down, the light steel structure connected by screws forms a safe and stable box, which will not cause the wall to collapse or the floor fall to endanger personal safety due to the shaking of the earthquake.

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It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable product.
Light weight, good seismic performance, safety and stability.
The comprehensive economic index is not higher than the reinforced concrete structure.
Compared to brick-concrete houses,
Can avoid the waste of resources caused by burning bricks with earth
The wall thickness is small,
Compared with brick-concrete structure, it can increase the effective use area;
Since the steel of light steel structure can be recycled in the future,
But concrete cannot be recycled.
Factory production of light steel structure accessories for light steel villas,
High degree of mechanization,
High degree of commercialization, fast construction speed,
It will not affect nearby residents and facilitate civilized construction.
The construction adopts dry construction method,
Will not cause waste of water data.
And save costs.
The layout of the wall structure,
Can effectively bear and reliably transmit vertical loads,
And the layout is convenient for heat preservation and energy saving,
Thermal insulation materials can be used for a long time and can keep heat insulation.



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